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Wood-related Business

Since late 2020, the Group has been developing its core wood-related business, which is principally engaged in the provision of comprehensive supply chain management services and the processing and distribution of a variety of furniture woods, which mainly comprise red mahogany wood, sandalwood, rosewood, pine wood, and fir wood. The Group commenced the manufacturing and sales of antique-style wood furniture and other wooden products in August 2022. The antique-style wood furniture is mostly made of red mahogany wood as raw material, which is professionally designed by the in-house product design and development department of the Group. Such wood furniture is considered to be high-end with artistic value, which is primarily treated as decorative arts with practical functions. As such, both general consumers and art collectors in the market will be attracted to the Group’s antique style wood furniture. Besides, the Group also designs common indoor wood products made of less expensive wood materials, which offer an affordable pricing to the general consumers and enable the Group to expand and diversify its customer base.

Car Rental

The Company's subsidiary, Beijing Tu An Car Rental Services Limited is a professional car rental company, that mainly provides car rental services to expatriates and companies in Beijing. The company mainly engages in long-term service, short-term service, exclusive vehicle service, and new energy vehicle rental service of various medium and high-end vehicles. In addition, Beijing Tu An Car Rental Services Limited also provides a variety of professional value-added services such as vehicle repair, maintenance, insurance, rescue, and replacement, so as to enable customers to enjoy the highest quality car rental experience.